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About the Initiative:

BeatSarcoma is a volunteer initiative, launched in 2007 by a sarcoma patient, to help increase awareness about sarcomas, raise funds for research and assist with survivorship issues.

This is not about us, it's about how YOU can make an impact.

Board of Directors and Corporate Officers:

President and Chairman of the Board: Nathalie Criou

Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and Director: Roger Anderson

Director: Ben Samman


Medical Advisory Board:

Director: Amreen Husain, MD, Genentech (South San Francisco, CA)

Director: George Demetri, MD, Dana-Farber, Boston, MA

Director: Robert Maki, MD, PhD, Mount Sinai Hospital, NY, leader of the pediatric hematology-oncology group, and head of adult sarcoma center



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Founder's Full Story

Nat as a child
4-year-old Nat...
Nat as a sailor
...becomes a regular sailor...
Nat gets sarcoma
...and a sarcoma patient
Nat beats sarcoma
....and beats sarcoma.